I’m a Quality Assurance Engineer and have been one since college (which was, uh, awhile ago) where I got a degree in Internet Tech. I’m passionate about QA and web service testing which means I like going to work every day (freak, I know). I’ve used SoapUI as my main automated testing tool for about five years now. Worth noting I said Quality Assurance and not Dev. While I’ve written programs in a few programming languages, they have always been with an ‘if I automate this my life will be easier’ frame of mind. So, if you look at any of my scripts and think they can be done better then I’ll happily take the feedback.

Anyway, the main purpose here is really to share my knowledge (or lack thereof) around testing using scripts and automated testing tools, namely SoapUI. I’ll post some basic knowledge, in the form of cheat sheets, but for the most part there’s no point reinventing the wheel so I’ll make references to other sites. At the end of the day if I make one persons life easier after a bit of goggling then I’ll be happy.


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