Making things organized…

I recently compared a few other tools to SoapUI, but for the price and compared to what has already been done, nothing stuck out.

Here’s a quick recap with some improvements that were necessary..

Say you have a group of testers all using the same SoapUI composite project. JSON calls are normally a mix of POSTs and GETs. For the POSTs, you can setup a WSDL-like environment that are separated by categories and have various calls under them.

For POSTs regression you can have a loop that’s the same for each API (more complex ones can have their own scenario based calls):

– Datasouce – Excel
– Property Transfer
– CreateValidJSON – Groovy Script
– Add Assertions – Groovy Script
– JSON Request
– ExcelDataSink – Output Pass/Fail Results to Excel Docs
– OutputRequestResponseFile – Groovy Script
– Loop

You can create other test cases or suites to cover specific testers if you want. You can then create your own cases to test your enhancements or bugs and check into SVN (if you use a repository) against the given Jira number. Handy plugin. Regression cases can be tracked by entering them into the Excel Datasources and again checked in against the given Jira number. To get around multiple testers updating regression sheets at once you can put locks on all your Excel documents.

Getting back to SoapUI…I really, really wish it had a Composite Action -> Test Suite option. This would allow the ability to save a test suite/reload a test suite without having to do a full project save/update. I saw it as a future enhancement so we’ll see if it’s ever implemented. For now, you need to refresh the whole project at the end of a cycle or when you need to see each others updates. Not a huge deal.

Recent improvements to SoapUI…

In version 5.0, they made a lot of headway (which has been nice) from when we first stated setting up REST testing. For one, they’ve upgraded the Groovy jar file that’s included (yay!). They’ve also made the creation of requests based off URI more user friendly and updated the parameters GUI so it’s less..for lack of a better word…buggy. I’m pretty sure they’ve fixed either a memory leak bug or an issue related to it, because even without updating the JVM memory parameters I’m no longer occasionally crashing.

Things I’m working on…

So, going forward I’ll be looking at better ways to pass entire objects through from Excel to SoapUI to then convert, using Groovy, into valid the JSON. That’s been a little problematic so far. I’ve done it, but it’s not pretty and is really a trick of the whole system that I can’t expect other testers to deal with.


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