SoapUI: Using the Extended Script Library

Say you’re reusing scripts and also want somewhere you can open the actual groovy script and check it for errors. You can do this in SoapUI Pro by making use of the Groovy Script Library.

So, in SoapUI, you can now reference the script via a Groovy script, like so (this could be all one line but I prefer two):

def cs = new qa.SomeScript()

Where SomeScript could look like:

package qa

public class SomeScript {

	def someMethod(testRunner,testStepLocation) {

			def request = testRunner.testCase.getTestStepAt(testStepLocation).getTestRequest()
			def tcProps = testRunner.testCase.getProperties()
			def map = [:]

			//grab all the properties from the test case and put them in a map as long as they aren't empty
			for (p in tcProps) {
				if (p.value.getValue() != "") {
					map.put(p.key, p.value.getValue())
			def builder = new groovy.json.JsonBuilder(map)
			def json = builder.toPrettyString()

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