Update Groovy version for SoapUI

I came across an issue when writing some scripts where the version of Groovy that comes with SoapUI (1.8.0 just fyi..) didn’t have the methods I was looking to use. I found it’s pretty easy to update at least and I haven’t run into any issues so far (except 1..which lead to 2). Beware when passing in JSON objects through properties that previously would have not been escaped, consider yourselves warned…I’ll go into that code later.

Ahem, anyway, to update. Get the version of Groovy you want from here

Now go to: $SOAPUI_HOME/lib
Drop the jar file from the ’embeddable’ directory of your download into the above directory and start up SoapUI

Obviously it should go without saying but I doubt Smartbear would support it so use at your own risk. Plus if you’re looking to do this I figure you know what you’re doing anyway.


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